The ManKind Project Ethical Relationship Policy

Personal Commitment:


This means that:

I acknowledge that a relationship may be exploitative when I take advantage of my position or experience within MKP to influence another person for my gain, particularly if I know that person to be vulnerable at the time.  I understand that exploitation may occur at any time, but a person may be more vulnerable to exploitation shortly after initiation.

For that reason, within 6 months of a person’s initiation, I will not begin a new financial, business, therapeutic or sexual relationship with them that a reasonable person would consider to be exploitative.

If at any time I believe my actions might be exploitative, I will consult those I trust to challenge my shadows.  I will do this without violating any confidentiality agreements.

If I believe someone has exploited another’s vulnerability, I will challenge him to hold himself accountable.

I acknowledge that I am accountable for my actions, and I give permission to my Center and the Project to assist me in holding myself accountable.

If a peer review is conducted and I am judged to have exploited another’s vulnerability, I understand that appropriate consequences within the MKP Community may be imposed.

I understand that, having completed the NWTA, I am expected to agree to abide by this Policy in order to participate in I-Groups or Open Circles, to staff or lead any MKP training, or to hold any MKP community leadership position.

Dissemination of this Policy

This policy will be posted on the MKP website and the websites of all MKP centers and communities, and will be distributed by broadcast email quarterly.  Each center will include a copy of this policy within all staff and New Brother packets.  This policy will be discussed with New Brothers during the integration session at the end of the NWTA and during their initial I-Group trainings.

The following statement will be included in all NWTA Staff Applications, all MKP Staff Releases, and in Participant Releases for all MKP trainings except the NWTA:  “I have read and agree to abide by the MKP Ethics Policy.”