April 6, 2017

I would like to Honor George Daniels, my Dad, who passed away of Brian cancer. Dads are often the most misunderstood part of the family. As a rule, men have trouble displaying their emotions. This is a product of a society that believes that it is not macho to show emotions. Fathers may have been shamed into repressing their emotions and may pass this on to their children. On the other hand, to have a Dad that is a Warrior who can show his children that a real man is one who shows emotion is a great gift.

He taught me that a Father plays a huge role in his children’s development he showed me how to love, I am the Man I am today because of him. It makes me sad that I lost him but I am grateful and blessed that he was in my life. He staffed my weekend and slept in a tent behind my cabin to be close to me because of that love. I will always be his son, and he will always be my Dad. Dad I love you with all my heart, Thank you for being a great role model and showing me a better way to live and love. You are and always will be an inspiration, to me each and every day, you will live forever in my heart.