April 6, 2017

Dear Gentlemen:

My husband experienced your weekend training and continued I-group involvement before I met him, after he came out of a disastrous and very long former marriage. I’d never met a man like this. I’m an old hippie blues singer and he owns a pocket protector! He was so “not my type” but soon I recognized where “my type” had gotten me. He is gentle, sensitive, thoughtful and incredibly strong. He is my rock. We will have been married seven years soon. We are married for life. Y’all brought out all that is the best in him and taught him to be proud of his manhood, which had been pretty thoroughly squished by his former mate.

May I add one more note? Suffering from depression, I sought a therapist a few years ago. When I walked into his office, I saw Mankind literature on his pamphlet rack and gave a heavy sigh of relief and comfort. If he was MKP he was all right (as a trauma survivor, that was a big gift to me). We worked together for several years, to my great benefit.

I can’t say enough about the effect MKP has had on my life and I honestly believe my wonderful fulfilling marriage would never have existed without your teaching my man that it’s not just okay to be a man, it’s a gift.

I wish you continued strength and greatness.

Best regards, Kate