March 27, 2017

A ‘veteran’ of self-help books, ‘healing’ workshops, and personal development courses, I felt powerless to consistently extend myself to be the ‘me’ I wanted to be. At 41 I needed to regain some of that elusive courage and self-belief I demonstrably had years ago. Several ‘things’ in the MKP New Warrior Training Adventure literature ‘spoke’ to that part of me that wanted to be more than my current lot. I took the plunge, enrolled, and attended what remains the most transformative and empowering experience-bar none I have ever experienced. Simply put, the MKP Initiation is a highly evolved and purely spiritual ‘initiation’ into the sum of the best that Mankind has ever been, and has potential to become;- it’s the ‘ignition’ a truly ‘connected’ man must experience to connect and remain in tune with the sacred mature masculine energy which permeates our world. It is ‘essential’ men’s business, as practiced throughout the history of mankind prior to its suppression in recent centuries through excessive religious practices and over-rationalism.